The jury

The work of the jury is supported by the City of Osnabrück and the University of Osnabrück, in particular the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Center.

The jury is composed as follows:

  • nationally known jurors who are competent in the respective areas named
  • members appointed from Osnabrück who are active locally and ensure the continuity of the award.

The jury consists of ten members and is elected for a period of six years:

  • five appointed expert jurors
  • five persons appointed by the city, namely
    • Lord Mayor or a person appointed by her
    • President of the University of Osnabrück or one of her appointees
    • First City Councilor or a person nominated by him
    • a person nominated by the Erich Maria Remarque Society e.V.
    • Director of the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Center as executive member of the jury

The jury may propose another co-opted member with voting rights for the respective appointment period; during this period, the jury consists of eleven members. The appointed expert jurors are nominated by the Osnabrück jury members (including the co-opted member) and proposed to the administrative committee of the city of Osnabrück. In the event of premature departure of jury members, a by-election or appointment will be made for the remainder of a six-year period. The jury adopts its own rules of procedure, which regulate, among other things, the decision-making and election process.

The current members of the jury are

  • Lord Mayor Katharina Pötter
  • Prof. Dr. Susanne Menzel-Riedl (Chairwoman)
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Göring
  • Prof. Dr. Heribert Prantl
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum
  • Johano Strasser
  • Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth
  • Dr. Hubert Winkels
  • Wolfgang Beckermann
  • Jutta Sauer
  • Dr. Thomas F. Schneider
  • Bernd Stegemann


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