Guidelines for the awarding of the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize


As the city of the "Peace of Westphalia" of 1648, Osnabrück is known nationally and also internationally. The city of Osnabrück continues this tradition in many ways. Numerous events organized by the city of Osnabrück and by institutions and associations take up this theme. This also applies increasingly to the town twinning and friendships as well as the associated programs (Angers/France, Derby/Great Britain, Haarlem/Netherlands, Tver/Russia, Vila Real/Portugal, Canakkale/Turkey, Greifswald/Germany, Gmünd/Austria, Evansville/USA, Kwangmyon/South Korea). Erich Maria Remarque (1898-1970), a native of Osnabrück who never lost his appreciation of his hometown and a connection with it until his death, is the recipient of the Möser Medal of the City of Osnabrück. The award certificate states: Mr. Erich Maria Remarque in his rich life's work stood up at all times for peace, freedom and human rights, he depicted war in its cruelty and senselessness and called people to action in the spirit of true humanity. Erich Maria Remarque is known and appreciated worldwide, his books have been translated into over 50 languages. In his advocacy of humanity and man's freedom from oppression, he is considered a credible witness to German language and culture. So says the obituary of the Academy for Language and Culture. This is what the obituary of the Academy for Language and Poetry, Darmstadt, says: " What luck for the German people that in its worst times, when the world saw in Germany the enemy of the world, it had such literary representatives as this friend of the world Erich Maria Remarque. The city and the University of Osnabrück have jointly undertaken to cultivate Remarque's legacy and to work in his spirit for a more humane world. The awarding of the "Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize of the City of Osnabrück" also serves such an objective.


The Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize of the City of Osnabrück and its awarding The prize is awarded within the framework of the themes "Inner and Outer Peace" in the broadest sense (e.g. war and peace, disarmament, détente, human rights and liberties, exile, expulsion, asylum), in accordance with Erich Maria Remarque's motto: My theme is the man of this century - the question of humanity. The award is intended for works in the German language and for works which, as translations in the German language, contribute to the discussion in the Federal Republic of Germany and other German-speaking countries, namely for

  • fiction (novels, other prose forms, poetry, drama) and for films
  • journalistic works in newspapers/magazines or on radio/television (serial publications, reports, documentaries, etc.; television features, television or radio contributions and series, documentaries)
  • generally understandable scientific presentations, non-fiction books, documentary works.

The prize may also be awarded for

  • exemplary commitment to peace.

Starting in 2009, the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize will be endowed with €25,000. In addition, a special prize of €5,000 may be awarded on the recommendation of the jury, the content of which must be related to the main prize. The prize is awarded every two years (first awarded in 1991). The prize is awarded by the binding decision of the jury in office at the time. It is not possible to apply for the prize oneself. However, the jury is entitled to solicit proposals from third parties.

If possible, works from the four above-mentioned areas should be considered in rotation over a period of eight years.


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