Huschang Golshiri

Iranian writer and publicist

Wording of the certificate: In recognition of his exemplary commitment to democracy and human rights, the City of Osnabrück awards Huschang Golschiri the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize. Throughout his life, the writer Huschang Golschiri has campaigned for the preservation of human rights in Iran and has characterized the present of his home country in a literarily sophisticated manner. With his persistent resistance against the suppression of freedom of expression, he acts in the spirit of Erich Maria Remarque: "My theme is the man of this century - the question of humanity." Osnabrück, July 3, 1999

Founding Committee of the Association of Iranian Writers (Special Award)

Wording of the certificate: On the occasion of the award of the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize of the city of Osnabrück, the founding committee of the Association of Iranian Writers is awarded a special prize. With this award, the city of Osnabrück recognizes the courage and dedication of Iranian writers in building an infrastructure for their association. Their actions are in line with the words of Erich Maria Remarque: "One must believe in the future, in a better future. The world wants peace." Osnabrück, July 3, 1999


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