Uri Avnery

Israeli journalist, writer and peace activist

*10 September 1923 (as Helmut Ostermann) in Beckum/Westphalia 1933 Emigration of the family to Palestine; †20 August 2018 in Tel Aviv Wording of the certificate:

In appreciation of his tireless peace and reconciliation work for the Middle East, the City of Osnabrück awards the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize to Mr. Uri Avnery. As a publicist and politician, Uri Avnery has unswervingly pursued his vision of peace for more than 40 years and is committed to a dialogue between Arabs and Israelis with the goal of an Israeli-Palestinian confederation. His publications and actions fulfill Erich Maria Remarque's commitment: "One must believe in the future, in a better future. The world wants peace." Osnabrück, June 21, 1995

Miljenko Jergović(special price)

Bosnian writer

*May 28, 1966 in Sarajevo

Wording of the certificate: On the occasion of the award of the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize of the City of Osnabrück, Mr. Miljenko Jergović is awarded a special prize. With this award the city of Osnabrück supports the young author on the basis of his book "Sarajevski Marlboro". His short stories, written in unused language and gripping flow of speech, which have an explicit connection to Bosnia and the war, show him to be a master of the short story and correspond to Erich Maria Remarque's humanitarian commitment: "My theme is the man of this century - the question of humanity." Osnabrück, June 21, 1995


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