Hans Magnus Enzensberger

German poet, writer and cultural critic

*11 November 1929 in Kaufbeuren/Allgäu; †24 November 2022 in Munich Wording of the certificate: In appreciation of his complete works as a writer, cultural critic and editor, the City of Osnabrück awards the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize to Dr. Hans Magnus Enzensberger. As a skeptical enlightener always one step ahead of the spirit of the times, he has made a significant contribution to the German cultural scene with his essay "Die große Wanderung. 33 Marks with a Footnote. 'On some peculiarities in manhunting'", he analytically infiltrated the discourse on pre-millennial xenophobia in the face of migration, asylum policy, xenophobia and violence, and stimulated discussion about it in a variety of ways. His writings and personal actions fulfill Erich Maria Remarque's humanitarian commitment: "My theme is the human being of this century - the question of humanity." Osnabrück, June 11, 1993

Dörte von Westernhagen (special prize)

German journalist and author

*5 August 1943 in Perleberg, West Prignitz

Wording of the certificate: On the occasion of the award of the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize of the City of Osnabrück, Dr. Dörte von Westernhagen is awarded a special prize. With this award, the City of Osnabrück honors her book "Die Kinder der Täter. Das Dritte Reich und die Generation danach" (The Third Reich and the Generation After) as a historical-analytical reappraisal of an emotionally charged topic. In the thematic connection of yesterday and today, her work is highly topical and explosive, because it reveals ideologies and thought structures that are currently evident in the exclusion of foreigners and asylum seekers. Osnabrück, June 11, 1993


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