Team Anniversary 2023

Concrete contact persons for the anniversary year

Patricia Mersinger
Head of Culture Department and Project Management Jubilee 2023

Telefon: 0541 323-4431

Ulrike Stevens
Administration and finances

Telefon: 0541 323-3247

Jan Michael Meyer-Lamp

Telefon: 0541 323-3477

Lea Hochstrat
Project Management

Telefon: 0541 323-2859

Jasmin Osmanovic´
Project management, contact person for youth and head of Youth Peace Lab

Telefon: 0541 323-2395

Sarah Guschmann
Project management, contact person for citizenship

Telefon: 0541 323-3431

Kathrin Ludewigt

Telefon: 0541 323-3681

Kontakt zum Büro für Friedenskultur


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