Leoluca Orlando

Italian politician, publicist and anti-mafia activist

*1 August 1947 in Palermo Wording of the certificate: In view of the threat to democratic structures and cultural identity in the new Europe, the City of Osnabrück awards Prof. Dr. phil. H.c. Leoluca Orlando the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize in recognition of his political and personal commitment to the civil renewal of democracy. His courageous opposition to the mafia and all forms of organized crime and corruption are aimed at strengthening the basis of a culture of legality. With his "Lessons from Palermo", he also advocates security, disarmament and human rights in the new Europe. His work and actions are in line with Erich Maria Remarque's words: "My theme is the man of this century - the question of humanity." Osnabrück, June 24, 2005


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