Peace Awards

In Osnabrück, three peace prizes for artists in the fields of literature, film and photography will be awarded in 2023: the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize, the Osnabrück Peace Film Prize and the German Peace Prize for Photography.

Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize

Osnabrück is the hometown of Erich Maria Remarque. Every two years, it awards the Peace Prize in his name.

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Deutscher Friedenspreis für Fotografie; Foto: Hermann Pentermann
German Peace Award for Photography

Together, the Peace City Osnabrück with its Museum Quarter and the local Felix Schoeller Group are offering the German Peace Award for Photography.

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Standbild des Spielfilms „Hive“ der Kosovo–Albanerin Blerta Basholli
Peace Film Award Osnabrück

With 15,000 euros, the Peace Film Award Osnabrück is the highest endowed film award on the topic of peace in Germany.

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